Installation is included in the cost of our seamless wallpaper, traditional pasted with butt joins and self adhesive vinyl wallpapers. Installation is NOT included with our Peel & Stick Removable.

If you would like to install your wallpaper yourself or you have a preferred installer, please let us know and we can provide a revised quote that does not include installation charges. Please note any wallpapers that you choose to self install will need to be collected from our print studio in Dubai Investment Park 2.

If you live outside of the Dubai Emirate, there is a travel/fuel surcharge. Customers in Sharjah will incur a AED100 surcharge and all other emirates will incur a surcharge of AED200.

If your wallpaper is taller than 380cm for health and safety reasons, we will need to charge a AED500 scaffolding fee. This fee is applicable due to the extra time and staff required to assemble and dissemble the scaffolding plus truck transportation.

Installation is not included in the cost of our peel & stick removable wallpaper. This wallpaper is DIY installation only and is shipped from Australia free of charge for orders under AED2500 within approximately 3 weeks. Orders over AED2500 will incur and extra AED50 for every AED500 spent over AED2500.

Before your wallpaper is installed, please ensure:

  1. You have read our installation notes and understand our terms.
  2. You have prepared your wall correctly for your selected material.