Preparation & Installation

Please remove any curtains, wall hangings, pictures and accessories from your wall before installation. Please ensure all furniture is moved away from your wall to allow easy access for our installers.

PVC Free: Our PVC material is a repositionable, self adhesive product. It has a subtle cotton texture finish and feels more like a fabric (as it is made from polyester). 

To ensure it adheres to your wall long term, apply to a smooth, clean wall. However, there are some pitfalls to watch out for. Many modern paints now have repelling characteristics like wash and wear, Teflon, silicon or latex added. These properties can affect the adherence of a self adhesive product to the painted surface and cause your wallpaper to fall down. If you are painting the wall before application, just a sealer or primer coat is recommended or choose a paint without these repelling qualities. Our installers recommend using two coats of Viponds wall Prep or Dulux Aquanamel gloss or equivalent. 

If your wall has not been prepared with a paint that has repelling qualities, is smooth and bump free, simply give your wall a light clean with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust. Allow any dampness to completely dry out before installation and you're good to go.

If you are installing the wallpaper on an existing painted surface and you are uncertain of the paint type or finish, we recommend the following two options:

  1. wipe down your walls to remove dust and then repaint your wall using a sealer or primer coat such as Viponds wall Prep or Dulux Aquanamel gloss or equivalent. Two coats are recommended with a fine nip roller to ensure the wall texture is smooth.


  2. if repainting is not possible, lightly sand back your wall to gently abrase the wall surface and reduce any possible repelling paint finishes. Ensure your wall is both clean and free from dust using a slightly dampened cloth. Allow the wall to dry. During installation, have our installers use double sided tape along the top edge of your wallpaper as a precautionary measure, to help your wallpaper adhere better.

If your wall has been painted using paint other than specified above, Paper Pop is not in a position to warrant long term adhesiveness of your wallpaper.


Vinyl:  Our vinyl material is a 'one stick only' material (i.e. not repositionable) with a smooth finish. It is not glossy but has a very light sheen to it. It is a hi tack material that adheres to almost any painted wall surface. However, your wall must be clean, dry and free of dust to ensure long-term adhesiveness. Grab a clean, slightly dampened cloth and give your surface a brief wipe down. Allow any dampness to completely dry out before installation. The wall should be dry, light (i.e. no dark patches), clean and free of dust before our installation team visits. As our vinyl material is not repositionable, it is important to ensure that your wall is adequately prepared and your wall measurements are correct.

Our vinyl material is slightly thinner than our PVC free material so it is important that your wall has a consistent colour across the surface. If your wall is patchy with light and dark areas, has lumps or indents, this can show through the vinyl material and may require the wallpaper to be removed and your wall re-prepared.  As the vinyl material is one stick only, removing the material may lift some of your existing paintwork. If this happens, the wall will need to be reprimed before a new sheet can be reapplied. 


There will be a 1cm overlap for each join on both our PVC free and vinyl materials. We always use overlap joins due to peel and stick wallpaper having a 0.5-1% shrinkage on the wall over time. This is standard with peel and stick wallpapers. If we applied the wallpaper with butt joins, when the wallpaper slightly shrinks, it will create a gap between the sheets and reveal the wall behind. This can look unsightly so overlap joins are always applied with peel and stick wallpapers. Please note that the joins are a little more obvious with our vinyl material, particularly on white, lighter or less dense designs and patterns.


Please be present for the installation. If you think any joins are not satisfactory, please advise the installers immediately while they are still at your premises. If any issues are flagged after the installers are gone, it will be harder for the installers to fix the issues, particularly as the vinyl material is not repositionable after it has been pressed and flattened to your wall.

Please note, that due to many walls not being 100% flat/level, sometimes there are very slight discrepancies with the patterns matching perfectly. If a join is very slightly out in just 1 or 2 areas, this is regarded as normal. However if a whole vertical join is out from top to bottom, or there are several mismatches that catch your eye easily, this is regarded as unsatisfactory and must be amended. We advise our customers to be present to act as a third eye overlooking the installation and ensuring they are happy with all the joins.

Please note, any issues due to customer’s inaccurate wall measurements or inadequately prepared wall surfaces, are the responsibility of the customer. Our team will do our best to help rectify the issue as cost efficiently as possible, but if any reprints or new wall preparations are required, this will be at the expense of the customer. 


PVC Free: Our PVC free material is completely removable without any damage to your wall up to 6 months after installation. The longer the wallpaper is applied to your wall, the stronger the adhesion. After 6 months when your wallpaper is removed it may leave some glue residue or affect some minimal paintwork.  Removal of the PVC free wallpaper should be done at a 180° angle while pulling slowly against itself.

Vinyl: Our Vinyl material is a hi tack product that has strong adhesion the moment it is pressed to your wall. Removal of our vinyl product even immediately after installation, is likely to leave some glue residue and remove paintwork. To remove the vinyl wallpaper, pull down at a 180° angle while pulling slowly against itself.


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