Wallpaper Materials

We offer three types of materials for our wallpaper collection. They are as follows:

  1. Self Adhesive PVC Free Wallpaper   
    A peel and stick wallpaper made from a closely woven polyester material with a fine, subtle cotton like texture that is easily removed with minimal paint damage to your wall. Joins do not overlap (butt joins).

  2. Self Adhesive Vinyl Wallpaper
    A peel and stick wallpaper with a smooth finish that is ‘one stick only and made from vinyl. Has a 1cm overlapping join.

  3. Traditional Pasted Wallpaper
    A PVC Free permanent wall covering with a subtle fibre texture that is pasted on using wallpaper glue.  Joins do not overlap (butt joins). If your wall is less than 5m on one dimension, this material can be printed as one piece with no joins, (i.e. completely seamless).

Please note: The visibility of wallpaper joins can vary based on the specific designs and background colours chosen, different wallpaper materials, along with the intensity and angles of your room's lighting

To read a more about these materials please click here.