Little Deer
Little Deer
Little Deer
Little Deer

Little Deer

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Our Little Deer vintage mural. Derived from a 19th Century artwork this enchanting mural in warm blush pinks makes a sweet backdrop for a little girl's room or a restful space to read a book. 

When measuring please ensure you measure the widest and highest points of your wall ignoring any windows, doors or recesses. Read more on how to measure.

Our traditional and self adhesive vinyl wallpaper pricing includes installation (for UAE customers only).

Our self adhesive removable wallpaper pricing does not include installation, (i.e. is DIY installation only), and is shipped free of charge from Australia (if order value is over AED1000), within approximately 2 weeks.

All orders under AED1000 will incur a AED30 delivery fee.

To learn more about the differences in our wallpaper materials please click here.

To ensure your wall is prepared correctly please read our preparation guidelines here.

Please read our installation notes and terms here

If you have a particular design in mind or need assistance ordering, please contact us and we will provide a customised design quote.

We offer three types of materials for our wallpaper collection. They are as follows:

  1. Self Adhesive Removable Wallpaper (DIY Installation)   
    A PVC free, non toxic, peel and stick wallpaper with 99% blockout, made from a closely woven polyester material with a fine, subtle cotton like texture. This material is reusable and easily removed with minimal paint damage to your wall. Features 1cm overlapping joins every 135cm. Joins can be cut away if preferred. Installation is not included in the price of this material and is shipped (free of charge) from Australia within approximately 2 weeks from purchase.

  2. Self Adhesive Vinyl Wallpaper 
    A vinyl peel and stick wallpaper with a smooth, textureless finish that is ‘one stick only. This wallpaper cannot be reusued and removal will require your wall to be repainted.  Features 1cm overlapping joins every 150cm. Joins cannot be cut away and visibility of joins varies depending on selected design and room lighting. Installation is included in the price of this material.

  3. Traditional Pasted Wallpaper 
    A PVC free traditional wallpaper, with a subtle fabric/weave texture that is pasted on using traditional wallpaper glue. This wallpaper cannot be reused and removal will require your wall to be repainted. This wallpaper is installed as one large sheet with zero joins. Installation is included in the price of this material.

Please note: The visibility of wallpaper joins can vary based on the specific designs and background colours chosen, different wallpaper materials, along with the intensity and angles of your room's lighting

To read more information about these materials please click here.



Installation is included in the cost of all our traditional pasted and self adhesive vinyl wallpapers only.

If you would like to install your wallpaper yourself or you have a preferred installer, please let us know and we can provide a revised quote that does not include installation charges. Please note any wallpapers that you choose to self install will need to be collected from our print studio in JAIZ 1.

If you live outside of the Dubai Emirate, there is a travel/fuel surcharge. Customers in Sharjah will incur a AED150 surcharge and all other emirates will incur a surcharge of AED200.

Installation is not included in the cost of our self adhesive removable wallpaper. This wallpaper is DIY installation only and is shipped from Australia free of charge within approximately 2 weeks.

Before your wallpaper is installed, please ensure:

  1. You have read our installation notes and understand our terms.
  2. You have prepared your wall correctly for your selected material. 


The wallpaper imagery and room settings on our site are for visual purposes only. Products may vary from the images on screen. A digital preview is never realistic enough in terms of colour and contrast. Whatever is printed out can never be expected to be the same as that seen on a computer monitor. Even an enlarged version of the same image will also differ from the digital preview.  Our wallpapers are also printed on 3 different materials and each material produces a slightly different colour variation. 

As such we recommend ordering samples and the responsibility for this falls upon the client, who should ideally request a sample print before proceeding with their full wallpaper, (as Paper Pop does not accept any liability for colour discrepancies for any wallpaper orders that were not initiated with a sample print). 

Our samples are custom printed at 65cm x 65cm. This size of material would normally cost AED105 but we have reduced our samples to AED75 each plus a flat delivery fee of AED30. If you would like to order a smaller sample, you can select your preferred size using our custom calculator. 

Our samples are delivered in simple packaging rolled up in a plastic sleeve. We do not send our samples in heavy weighted cardboard tubes. We have simplified our sample shipping to minimise our customers' shipping costs and help reduce our carbon footprint. We thank you for your understanding.

Please note that industrial printers do not print white ink. Instead a subtractive process is used and any white in the design is left blank and relies on the colour of the material. i.e. if the background is white, then the material’s natural white colour is used. A wallpaper's natural white varies from one material to another.  If you have any queries regarding how white your preferred material is, we suggest ordering a sample before purchasing your full wallpaper. 

Depending on the design, we can also provide some colour variations for you to choose from to help you with your paint matching. If you want a more dramatic change of colour, please let us know and we can modify our samples for most designs. 

If you would like to order samples you can order them online, or if you have specific colour requests, please contact us with the details of your preferred design, colour and material, and we will send you a link to purchase. 

NB: As a prerequisite for all projects initiated by interior designers, we require samples to be ordered and printed before the full wallpaper order can proceed.