Lost Worlds

Journey back through time with our prehistoric mural

Super Moon

A very cosmic kind of wallpaper

El Loro Rosado

Add some exotic flair to your home with our Amazonian jungle wallpaper

Safari Tango

Big beautiful safari animals and warm terracotta tones

Urban Jungle

Lush, large leaves with a touch of grunge

Abu Dhabi-Covid 19 Border Control

Due to new COVID-19 regulations at the Dubai/Abu Dhabi border crossing, our installation team is now required to take PCR tests to gain access. These tests are AED150 per person and only valid for 24 hours. As we always send a team of 3, this is an immediate cost to us of AED450. As a result, our new Abu Dhabi travel fee is temporarily raised to AED300 to help us cover our medical expenses and fuel costs to travel to Abu Dhabi for your installation. Once you have purchased your wallpaper, we will send you a seperate invoice to complete your order. We appreciate your understanding on this matter to ensure the safety of you and our team.