Frequestly asked Questions

Do you have a physical store? arrow
Do you have a number I can call? arrow
Can I see a catalogue? arrow
Can I see a sample? arrow
Do you sell by the roll? arrow
Do you do home visits or consultations? arrow
Will it damage my wall? arrow
Help! I can't decide which material to choose arrow
How much is it? arrow
Is installation included? arrow
How can I order? arrow
How do I measure my walls? arrow
Can you measure for me? arrow
How soon can I get my wallpaper? arrow
I need my wallpaper urgently! arrow
I've just purchased my wallpaper. What happens next? arrow
Can I cancel my order? arrow
How do I install the peel & stick removable wallpaper? arrow
Do you have a trade program? arrow
Do you offer returns? arrow
What if my product is damaged or faulty? arrow
Help! My wallpaper is peeling. How do I fix it? arrow
How does your wallpaper process work? arrow
There's an air bubble in my wallpaper! arrow
Can I put wallpaper in my bathroom? arrow
Do you install in other emirates? arrow
Can you custom design wallpapers? arrow
How high can you install? arrow
Can you install onto ceilings? arrow
Why do the colours of my wallpaper look different to onscreen? arrow
Will the white areas of my wallpaper be bright white? arrow
Why won't you deliver frames outside of the Dubai emirate? arrow
I don't like joins on my wallpaper. Which material should I choose? arrow
How do I know what the existing paint type is on my wall? arrow
Does my wallpaper come with a warranty? arrow

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